Manuel Mealha

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Resident TDJ of the milonga 'De Pura Cepa', which takes place at the Foxtrot Bar on Tuesdays (fortnightly), and 'El Milongón', which takes place in the Palacete da Estefânia on Saturdays (monthly).
Invited to musicalize several milongas in Lisbon, La Bella, La Gata, Portugal in Tango and milonga da Barraca.

Studies tango since January 2007. Currently collaborates in the De Pura Cepa tango school as assistant to professor Luciana Cardoso Renzini. (since 2014)
The quality of their musical selection is already known and well apreciated.
Was part of the range of TDJ's invited to musicalize the first tango event in Mérida, Spain. Where received the best reviews.

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His preference, in terms of musical selection, centers mainly the 1940s.
End of the 30's (38/39) and the beginning of the 50's (50/51/52)

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