Grande milonga in Zagreb - Celebration Arg.National Tango Day


Dear friends, Tango enthusiasts!

Let's Celebrate together Argentina's National Day of Tango.

8pm - 10pm lecutres, showes - candombe, criollo, payadores, western african dance and clture, habanera ....

10 pm beging of grande milonga with concert.
Around 00:30 am showes of Olga and Slava, Jelena and Mario.
At 3 am time to go home and dream for next year - France is theme.

But you can also book classes of Olga and Slava, group or private,
There are also avaible private classes of Jelena and Mario.

It’s our pleasure to invite You to Grand Milonga with our distinguished guests, Tango maestros Viacheslav Ivanov and Olga Leonova. Both have vivid knowledge of Tango itself as well as great expertise of Milonga and Waltz. With them we’ll celebrate International day of Tango which is celebrated in Croatia and rest of the world on 11th December. We’ll mark this important date with very rich daily and nightly program, trust us you will have a great Tango days JWe have prepared for you show with our maestros Slava & Olga plus show from our Croatian Tango couple, also small concert will follow as a surprise. As you already know – Tango knows no boundaries …

Entering membership fee for Grande Milonga on 10.12.2016 – 50kn

The greatest russian tango couple have their own premiere, as maestros, in Zagreb. We are proud that
Viacheslav and Olga will be with us on the day when tango has its own birthday.

Info, application, or whatever you need

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