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what milonga is on tonight?

With a simple touch on you smart phone you will be able to spot all tango events in your area. The map will automatically show the city where you are and the current date.You can change the date if you want to see future events in specific areas or regions simply moving a finger on your mobile phone.

are you organizing a tango event? tell all tangueros!

Tango today works just like an agenda which is continuously updating, you can post your own event, Milonga, tango classes or workshops keeping the tangueros aware of what is going on. Try it out! You’ll discover It’s simple and free! It will take you no more than a few minutes to Promote your tango activity.

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We are tangueros, we love tango and we are proud that our APP is widely appreciated. We started in Milan and it gradually spread out first in Italy and Switzerland. Now it’s starting catching on in Europe and soon will be in every city where there is tango. Do you want to contribute in promoting this fabulous APP? Send this mail to all your friends and acquaintan- ces, show this application and speak about it: all tango lovers will embrace each other.

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