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Bologna-San Lazzao

Sala Paradiso


Argentinian Tango DJ with 15 years of experience in the best international context:

Buenos Aires (Salon Canning, La Viruta, Sunderland Club, Confiteria Ideal, Porteno y Bailarin) Italy (Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Padova, Florence, Venice, Brescia, Rimini, San Marino, Perugia, Catania, Ancona, Trento, Bolzano, Bergamo ... .) Turkey (Istanbul) Germany (Berlin) Poland (Warsaw) Festivals (Tangomania SunmmerFestival, Catania, Ferrara Buskers Festival, IstambulTangoRitual, Salsomaggiore Tango Festival, TangoDjWorldMarathon Buenos Aires ..)

My Masters and professional references: Felix Picherna, Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio.

My style starts from a thorough knowledge of classical orchestras and singers of the golden era of Tango Argentino and my selection comes from two basic elements: the best music 'to dance' and the management of the 'energy' of the night.
Every night is different and the experience accumulated over the years allows me to adapt to the environment (Tango Alternativo, Cortinas of danceable music, theme selection).
My personal artistic journey makes me comfortable to 'present' events and to 'acting' during the evening as needed.

I propose as DJ for your events and milongas and I also offer you my 'Course for Musicalizadòr: History and peculiarity of classical and contemporary orchestras and singers of Tango Argentino, Management of milonga’s playlist, secrets and 'tricks' of the Best DJs.

In addition to DJ I’m dancer (since 1998), teacher (since 2002) and director, in collaboration with Veronica Lorenzoni, of the 'Puro Tango' School, one of the most structurated and dynamics academies of Argentine Tango Northern Italy and active in the area of Imola-Bologna-Ravenna.


I offer workshops and seminars to dancers focused on the rhythmic reading of the different styles of Tango, Milonga and Vals music to accompany every type with the right style of dancing.

Thanks for your attention.

el Popùl Castello
Via Montrone 1/U - 40026 Imola - Bologna - Italy
+39 335 7755296 - populcastello@yahoo.it - www.scuolapurotango.it
Facebook: “popul castello” - Skype: “populcastello”
Yahoo group: http://it.groups.yahoo.com/group/scuolapurotango
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