Winter Tango Napoli


25/28 October 2018 Winter Tango feat Milongas Napoli The fifth edition of the Neapolitan itinerant Tango festival

25/28 October 2018 Winter Tango feat Milongas in Naples Fifth edition of the itinerant Neapolitan Tango festival. Four days of intense emotions, in-depth learning and fun… in and out of the historical milongas of Naples… because that’s where Tango is !! This year’s top performers will be Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinoza, Lucilla Cionci & Joe Corbata, Maria Filiali & Gianpiero Galdi. Our musicalizadores will be coming from all over the world : Sabri Güleç Tdj – Turkey – confirmed Claudio Salemme -Italy - confirmed Samira Zakkou Tdj – Switzerland - confirmed Max Stasi – Italy – confirmed Andres Molina ( Argentina) confirmed- Adam Sahraoui ( France) confirmed Peppe di Gennaro (Italy )confirmed Serena Cozzolino - confirmed - Susanna Arbitrio ... The program is rich and intriguing … a perfect match with Naples.. a city of strong contrasts , with a volcano and a mesmerizing sea… a city of genius and unruliness …ready to be discovered and loved. While looking forward to seeing you here we commit to promising you unforgettable hugs

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