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During 3 days our fantastic teachers from all over the world will make you improve your skills in Tango und Lindy Hop and inspire you how to combine the two dances.

You can sign in for 1,5 hours Tango and 1,5 hours LindyHop every day. You can choose from 3 levels and decide for each dance if you would like to sign in as a leader or a follower.

In the evening just before the start of long and beautiful dancing nights, we will teach Open Classes with different approaches to how combine the two dances. The open classes, as the name says, are open to everyone independent of the level you have signed up for.

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LindyHop & Tango Courses- Unique Symbiosis

Two dances from the same era coincide in the heart of the old town of Bern.

One of the most beautiful and special aspects of this camp is the Unique Symbiosis of the two dances Tango and LindyHop and the atmosphere it will be creating.

The philosophy creates the special atmosphere

We believe that a good dancer is a dancer that can make his partner shine and feel confident. The focus will be on the atmosphere couples creates in between each other, on their communication and on how that influences their social dancing. All of the dance teachers will also be students, following the classes in the other dancestyle. All of this together will create a very special and unique atmosphere to this beautiful winter- dancing-days and -nights.

Location abituali

the heart of Bern

(UNESCO world heritage)

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    Location: LindyHop & Tango Courses- Unique Symbiosis
    Inizio: 28-12-2018 - Ora 14:00