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"On leaving a show by Marcelo Guardiola and Giorgia Marchiori one leaves with the mind expanded and the heart compressed. The extraordinary sensitivity and talent of the two performers allow you to get direct to the root of the matter and the heart of the spectator, through a purity of styles all the fruit of informed and rigorous elaboration: unique in being able to stage their work, Marcelo Guardiola and Giorgia Marchiori are two performers with the precision of mime artists, the bearing of dancers and the enchantment of marionettes, to express with their bodies what is not allowed to be said in words, in harmony with the whole, result of daily work on a life long path of research and experimentation."
Carlo D'Andreis

Marcelo Guardiola and Giorgia Marchiori, known artistically as Los Guardiola, are the major representatives of Buenos Aires TangoTeatro. Their shows have been seen in theatres and tango festivals around the world.
Marcelo Guardiola is an actor, dancer, musician and theatre director. Born in Buenos Aires, in 1999 he created the theatre investigation, TangoTeatro, the objective of which is the creation of a new form of show which integrates the music, the dance and the poetry of the tango. In 2003 he begins to work together with Giorgia Marchiori, dancer, actress, choreographer and Doctor of Philosophy, forming the duo Los Guardiola. In 2004, in Buenos Aires, they received the diploma Milongueros-bailarines: Nueva Generación (Milongueros-dancers: New Generation), declaring them to be of Cultural Interest by the Secretaría de la Cultura, Presidencia de la Nación (Cultural Secretariat of the National Presidency).The originality of Los Guardiola consists in having created tango shows which tell a story through mime and dance. In 2011, for the originality and distinctive us of tango in theatre, they have had to honour to be invited to the VIII Holstebro Festuge, organized by the Odin Teatret (Holstebro, Denmark) and directed by Eugenio Barba.
They have taken their “art without words” to the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Qatar, Russia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

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