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Tango teacher, international DJ and events organizer.

I am just like you. I am not big Argentinian tango celebrity who appears on shiny festivals. Tango lives at milongas and I teach people how to dance at milongas. My goal is to help them find their pleasure there: in the embrace of their partners, in the ronda, dancing alongside their friends. I teach social tango for regular people.

I travel for tango almost every month, teaching, DJ-ing or simply enjoying the dance. I had thousands of students in my school and many of them are now respected dancers who are traveling with me.

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The core of my tango teaching is searching for the inner ecstasy: eater in the couple or in the dancers themselves. Tango is not just physical, it is primarily psychological and emotional phenomenon – and it should be thought in that way.

It is also a cultural phenomenon. The musicality, the comfort when someone touches you, the relations with others – it is all variable from culture to culture. Learning tango is also discovering new ways of dealing with those things.

Some label my approach as milonguero, but I think it is much wider than what any label can define – enjoyment in others people embrace, understanding the traditional tango musicality, learning how to face with your own fears that tango brings to surface: they are all universal things that are hard to frame by any label.

Learn more about my teaching in the articles on my blog →

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