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Steve Lorenzo started discovering tango on the internet (YouTube video) and ever since the first second after that discovery (early 2013), he relentlessy pursued personal tango development and instruction, for a few hours each day, with local, national and international teachers and maestros, being a firm believer that one never stops learning tango. 

At some point Steve explored dancing on stage (performing on the 'Luna Tango' show in 2016, along with other 14 professional dancers) to finally decide it was time to give back, so he started growing the local tango community in Constanta, Romania, by opening his 'DeepEmbrace' Argentine Tango School in 2016.  

Steve continues to attend classes and workshops at festivals and take private hours with famous maestros, yet he now learns a great deal about tango surprisingly (or not quite) from a novel source, his own students.  
Much as the saying goes:
" learns a lot more teaching others, than being taught themselves"  

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Steve Lorenzo is an open minded teacher and dancer, approaching all styles of tango equally, with no bias towards any extreme - a strong believer that tango is personal and each dancer develops a unique style of their own, in time... 

He often changes his embrace while dancing, from close to open, in  what he likes to call a 'fluid embrace', and his style from milonguero to salon or even using escenario/fantasia elements, while dancing classic (Golden Era) tangos along with Nuevo and even alternative with equal pleasure. 

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DeepEmbrace Tango School

Romania, Constanta, 142 Mamaia Blvd

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